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    • JONGLEZ Baptiste's avatar
      Trim spaces in ngs_trunk_ports and ngs_physical_networks · 29e7b594
      JONGLEZ Baptiste authored
      This helps configuration readability and avoids surprises.  Currently, any
      leading or trailing space in the configuration would be included verbatim
      in the name of the port or physical network, which could cause confusion
      further down the road.
      Now both these forms are accepted and equivalent:
          ngs_trunk_ports = port1,Eth 1/30,Po6
          ngs_trunk_ports = port1, Eth 1/30, Po6
      and similarly for ngs_physical_networks
      Change-Id: If094fdd475290848fc1e7edf63a04997f7518964
    • JONGLEZ Baptiste's avatar
      dell: Fix VLAN creation on OS9 devices · dc306332
      JONGLEZ Baptiste authored
      The VLAN name on Dell OS9 devices cannot begin with a number.  The
      "ngs_network_name_format" option is supposed to solve this problem by
      adding a custom prefix in front of the network UUID.  However, VLAN names
      on OS9 are also limited to 32 characters, which is the length of the UUID.
      As such, it is not possible to add a prefix.
      To solve this issue, simply set the VLAN description and leave the name
      Change-Id: Id990c9431c54b60584a33eedef46d42257a27ce0
    • JONGLEZ Baptiste's avatar
      Declare l2 connectivity capability to tell Neutron we can handle L2-only ports · 981923ac
      JONGLEZ Baptiste authored
      Since Neutron commit 380825fcf8e5 ("Check mech driver connectivity during
      port binding") [1] [2], introduced in Train, Neutron checks that the
      mechanism driver declares support for L2 connectivity.  Since NGS does not
      declare support for it, Neutron will not try to bind L2-only ports.
      L2-only ports are supported by NGS and we need this feature, so let's
      declare support for L2 connectivity.
      [1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/645645/
      [2] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/641670/
      Change-Id: I56dacac2824c81d88953dbd7ff7cbbdce7e82bfb
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    • Mark Goddard's avatar
      Support 802.3ad port groups on Cumulus devices · aea67080
      Mark Goddard authored
      Since Ic3e10d19315b776662188f41c552fe0676a12782, multiple links in a
      port group are configured. This typically works for bond modes that do
      not require switch-side configuration, such as active/passive, TLB and
      In some cases this may also work for 802.3ad link aggregates, if
      local_link_connection.port_id in the ports is set to the name of the
      port group interface. However some switches require different commands
      to be used when configuring port groups vs switch port interfaces. For
      example, NVIDIA Cumulus switches require to use 'net add bond...'
      instead of 'net add interface ...'.
      This change adds support for devices that require different commands to
      configure port groups, and provides an implementation for NVIDIA Cumulus
      Closes-Bug: #1976382
      Related-Bug: #1759000
      Change-Id: I0693c495170aa821a2f571038f387c50a2f6c599
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    • Julia Kreger's avatar
      CI: use pre-existing ssh key on multinode jobs · 2e201a0d
      Julia Kreger authored
      In initially fixing the multinode key access to the
      subnode, we inadvertently now broke ssh access
      post-upgrade to the controller local host as it is
      attempting to generate and leverage an ssh key locally
      which can't really work. So instead, used the provided
      keys if present.
      Change-Id: I930f034c47bd1d2729ce43cd07c28cc7c1126402
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    • Julia Kreger's avatar
      CI: Alternate logic for multinode key replacement · f469dc13
      Julia Kreger authored
      For some reason, the conditional is not matching... and because these
      jobs require the change to be merged for it to be tested in grenade,
      this is difficult to spot. Hopefully this works...
      What was happening as reported in job logs:
      configure_generic_switch:151 :   '[' -f /opt/stack/.ssh/id_rsa ']'
      configure_generic_switch:154 :   local cnt=0
      configure_generic_switch:155 :   local section
      Change-Id: I34c33bb5b67561eb90997549317f0fd5333e18db
    • Julia Kreger's avatar
      Trivial: Remove legacy devstack CI call · 6a0f2138
      Julia Kreger authored
      ++ [TRIM]/devstack/plugin.sh:source:26 :   enable_python3_package networking-generic-switch
      It is no longer necessary to call enable_python3_package().
      Removes entry according to the notice the logging output.
      Change-Id: Id271c5f3d122b9f7486f675c8995512a8f682913
  17. 28 Apr, 2022 1 commit
    • Julia Kreger's avatar
      CI: Fix Multinode ssh key/hostname for unit tests · c6c10a12
      Julia Kreger authored
      In multinode, the devstack plugin for networking-generic-switch can't
      really work as intended. But, the authorized keys is copied on all
      nodes, and zuul puts a consistent key in place, so it doesn't
      really need to do what it is doing, but we need to use the stack
      user's pre-existing keys to access the remote host.
      This will allow Ironic's multinode grenade job to work without
      errors about accessing the key file, which is a red herring for
      when the connection fails.
      Additionally, the underlying ngs code is suseptible to a race on
      configuration loading as configuration is loaded separately.
      We can't really force it to load the option. We also can't
      explicitly add it, so the best thing to do is to wrap it and
      rely upon a mock to facilitate the unit test.
      Change-Id: Ia8550c124f2ef1cce620a4fb28c35700d34aa027
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    • James Denton's avatar
      Support multiple links in link_local_information dict of portgroups · a6d14ab1
      James Denton authored
      This patch applies configuration to all links present in
      the local_link_information dictionary and not only to the first one.
      With these changes, bonding modes not requiring special switch configurations
      should be supported, including:
      Mode 1: Active/Backup
      Mode 5: Transmit Load Balancing (TLB)
      Mode 6: Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB)
      Change-Id: Ic3e10d19315b776662188f41c552fe0676a12782
      Closes-Bug: #1759000
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