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release v3.6.0.rc4

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kadeploy (3.6.0.rc4) unstable; urgency=low
* 851a37b allow to config swap and tmp label name
* 2c85a9c change kexec options in the cli
* b7a22ac client: change mailing list info
* 2fb2faf kanodes: only list info for active nodes (the ones in the kadeploy clusters config file)
* 50e8b3a macrostep: fix wrongly disabled swap
* 93ff51a bin: add an option to always trust last deployed env
* c21bb4f microsteps: keep going if setting to the default vlan failed
* c572242 [stepdeploy] allways put the nodes in the default vlan if no vlan option given
* 3619452 [kaworkflow] check rights before custom operations
* 5cc890c [workflow] change how we kexec if we trust the last deployment.
* 17e6ca4 [bin] add --json option to kaenv & kanodes
* 17ebae9 fix typo in comment
* 4aa9ed9 [macrostep] add reason in verbose log when deleting a step
* d494611 [kaenv] add an option to limit env name based on a regex
* 476a0b1 [microsteps] escape quote when using kastafior
* 216afdf [vagrant] add missing params in cluster config
* a77e91a [lib] use GPT label for partition & arbitrary path for disks
* 0def4f2 [vagrant] add and use install-grub2-dev
* 4b41e25 debian: move kadeploy-dev binary in sbin
* 2decaa1 [env] Show kernel_params in env descrption even if empty
* 85f01b3 [env] allow to pass options/kexec in env description
* dfea78e don't raise error when nodes are nil
* b6de528 vagrant: add alias to reset db
-- Alexandre MERLIN <> Mon, 26 Jul 2021 13:43:20 +0200
kadeploy (3.5.3.stable) unstable; urgency=low
* 1001b33 [microsteps+config] Allow to use a script for formating operations
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