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Add a copyright notice in README that we can quote in the Debian package

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......@@ -87,3 +87,16 @@ Recommanded services:
- sql
- dns
- http
License & copyright
Copyright 2008-2013 INRIA, Kadeploy Developers <>
Kadeploy3 is developed at INRIA Nancy - Grand Est. Its development is currently
supported by the ADT Kadeploy project (2011-2013), which is led by the
AlGorille team at LORIA.
Current developers are Luc Sarzyniec (Inria, main developer since 2011),
Emmanuel Jeanvoine (Inria, design & main developer from 2008 to 2011) and
Lucas Nussbaum (Univ. de Lorraine, design since 2011).
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