Commit f51ca709 authored by MARGERY David's avatar MARGERY David
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Test for when Grit::Git::GitTimeout is raised

parent e3e1532c
......@@ -198,6 +198,12 @@ describe SitesController do
expect(json['nodes']['']['reservations']).to be_nil
it "should fail gracefully in the event of a grit timeout" do
expect_any_instance_of(Grid5000::Repository).to receive(:find_commit_for).and_raise(Grit::Git::GitTimeout)
get :status, :id => "rennes", :job_details => "no", :format => :json
expect(response.status).to eq 503
# it "should fail if the site does not exist" do
# pending "this will be taken care of at the api-proxy layer"
# end
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