Commit c349d814 authored by Florent Didier's avatar Florent Didier
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Remove resources with blank network_address from "status" output

VLAN, subnet, storage5k and disk resources have a field
network_address whose value is "" (blank) in OAR database, and they
are the sole resources with blank network_address.

We want the method "status" to display only nodes status and not VLAN,
subnet, storage5k, and especially not disk status.

In this commit, I remove these resources from the "status" method, by
removing resources with blank network_address.
parent 21901475
......@@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ module OAR
"resource_id, cluster, network_address, core, state, available_upto#{include_comment ? ", comment" : ""}"
# Remove blank network addresses
resources = resources.where("network_address <> ''")
resources = resources.where(
:cluster => options[:clusters]
) unless options[:clusters].blank?
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