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g5k-api (3.8.2-20181201154555) jessie; urgency=low
* 0377c14 Fail explictly if changelog could not be generated
* 366df10 Leave logging to systemd, listen only on
* 74eb212 Update bundle due to security vulnerabilies
* 1f089af Avoid daemonization, as is confuses systemd
* 513f3af Push packages for api-server-v4.*
* 742eeab Allow for uncommited changes in Gemfile.lock
* eba2e26 Output unexpected diff to STDERR
* f8005bd Even more info in the case packaging fails
* 65bda88 Add helpfull debug message if git state not clean
* 3e42f07 Update packaging to converge with users-api-ror
* bf760f7 Update debian packaging compat file
* c8b23c4 Update script to latest users-api-ror development
* 93f7a6d Add explicit format file for debian packaging
* 6a0f5eb Update init from init.d to systemd service file
* 448fe6f Cleanup debian dir by removing example files
* 34d6beb Limit un-needed differences with users-api-ror
* 3faa19f [Packaging] uses the | construct in debian/control
* a716105 [bug #9792] Make packaging by root easier
* 692e4b1 fixup! [Bug #9792] Update and use build dependencies
* 90fea2c fixup! [Bug #9792] Update and use build dependencies
* 4d43033 fixup! [Bug #9792] Update and use build dependencies
* 49cd75b fixup! [Bug #9792] Update and use build dependencies
* 671cb42 [Bug #9792] Update and use build dependencies
* 6580297 .gitlab-ci.yml: use g5k-deploy-files --only-if-tag instead of shell snippet
* d7cf2a7 .gitlab-ci.yml: change tags to grid5000-specific tags
-- David Margery <> Mon, 03 Dec 2018 12:15:30 +0000
g5k-api (3.8.1-1) jessie; urgency=low
* eb3a118 Go back to Integers to query moldable_ids
......@@ -13,5 +13,5 @@
# limitations under the License.
module Grid5000
VERSION = "3.8.1"
VERSION = "3.8.2"
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