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Commit 9d0adc42 authored by Samir Noir's avatar Samir Noir 🧀
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Fix history on versions controller when branch is not master

When the `branch` parameter is passed to the versions_controller,
a 404 is returned because g5k-api doesn't find the specified branch.
This is because of a missing concatenation with `origin/`, indeed
g5k-api's reference-repository only holds remote git references.
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......@@ -17,9 +17,13 @@ class VersionsController < ApplicationController
def index
vary_on :accept; allow :get
branch = params[:branch] || 'master'
branch = ['origin', branch].join('/') unless Rails.env == 'test'
versions = repository.versions_for(
branch: params[:branch],
branch: branch,
offset: params[:offset],
limit: params[:limit]
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