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Commit version 3.7.0

parent 5238362e
g5k-api (3.7.0-1) jessie; urgency=low
* 5238362 Merge pull request #56 from grid5000/v3_rails_4.2
* e1f983e Add isntructions to start a deployment for dev env
* 030d0c6 Reduce diff to master due to cherry-pick conflicts
* 3d179c6 Change url generation for quick-start for dev env
* 86645b0 Remove Reims from the sites expected for dev env
* 0ba05e5 Indent logs
* d008370 Unit test Repository.find's exception handling
* 640a1ef Handle Grit::Git::GitTimeout gracefully in find
* f51ca70 Test for when Grit::Git::GitTimeout is raised
* e3e1532 Add 'X-Api-User-Cn' together with 'X-Remote-Ident' header when calling OAR API
* 6c0a204 Implement support for tls options (bug #8379)
* 5355d08 Use X_FORWARDED_HOST only for base_uri(:in)
* 0e67749 Overide protocol for servers:port when routing
* 9d5e591 Make reference to exhibit relative
* 684a45f Compute absolute urls using X-Forwarded-Host
* 8d8325e Aggree that leaving a trailing / for root is OK
* c192723 Document the semantics of the headers
* e0c83fa Implement and test API* headers as in bug #8489
* 1953176 Update deployment model and controller to rails 4
* 476a236 Change defaults for production environment
* d1dbb32 Make the package depend on nodejs
* c083da5 Revert to old boot.rb to allow vendored bundler
* a0903cb Rework test and fix remaining issue with rails 4.2
* 425d603 Remove complex instructions about tunneling
* 4dee48b Migrate to Rails 4.2.x & adapt code so tests pass
* 80c352c Migrate to Rails 4.1.x & adapt code so tests pass
* 7f8fd72 Migrate to Rails 4.0.x & adapt code so tests pass
* 7d6d41a Add a secret key base for sessions to please rails
* 9ef794e modernize test data setup dans rename fail state
* b66f85c explicitly setup factory_box helpers
* 6e53d05 stop constraining the version of bundler used
* 5bf8e0c Make default in DB same as in state_machine
* d607a90 Use new syntax for factory_bot factories
* ac4df1c Require bundled gems and use implicit config
* 9eb2e5d Tweak gem versions and removed unuses dependencies
* 4560957 Update handling of tls options for kadeploy
* e4dcae9 Update handling of tls options for rails 3.2
* 7911ece stop calling uri on http object when logging
* 2b7d520 Complete migration to factory_bot
* 69ec104 Use version of em-postgresl-adapter avoiding race
* c76efdf Really copy .gitconfig into box when it exists
* aef5a06 Move generated file out of status
* 3813fcc Rework ssh tunneling and proxy setup
* 1e99471 Change the way ssh is setup for vagrant user
* 20939ad Change the way postgresql databases are setup
* 9586d40 Refresh README contents
* 630b147 Migrate to factory_bot from factory_girl
* 5808c4b Use our own version of em-postgresql-adapter gem
* 3e1bf95 Work around broken redirect for status
* 888ad2f Update deprecated call to redirect
* 98b8a2a Reduce size of mysql pool used
* 3b9c09f Move to rails 3.2. Initial work passes rspec tests
-- David Margery <> Wed, 29 Aug 2018 13:40:37 +0000
g5k-api (3.6.1-1) jessie; urgency=low
* e88adc5 Merge pull request #52 from grid5000/bugs/#9337
......@@ -13,5 +13,5 @@
# limitations under the License.
module Grid5000
VERSION = "3.6.1"
VERSION = "3.7.0"
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