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Allow for uncommited changes in Gemfile.lock

They cannot be avoided easily because bundler will change Gemfile.lock
to include version used to build bundle, and this will change between
debian versions
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......@@ -201,10 +201,16 @@ namespace :package do
# make sure no pending changes need to be commited to repository
uncommitted_changes=`git status --untracked-files=no --porcelain`
if uncommitted_changes != ""
STDERR.puts "Unexpected diff:"
# Gemfile.lock will include bundle version used. It changes between debian versions
files=uncommitted_changes.scan(/\w\s(.*)$/).flatten.reject{|f| ["Gemfile.lock"].include?(f)}
if files.size > 0
STDERR.puts "Unexpected diff in #{files}:"
STDERR.puts `git diff`
fail "You are building from a directory with uncommited files in git. Please commit pending changes so there is a chance the build can be traked back to a specific state in the repository\n#{uncommitted_changes}"
STDERR.puts "Expected diff:"
STDERR.puts `git diff`
# prepare the build directory
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