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g5k-api (3.5.0-1) jessie; urgency=low
* 65f4de5 [README] Update the instructions to build a new version of the g5k-api package
* c049251 [Packaging] make the automatic inclusion of git logs in debian/changelog work again
* fdcaf45 [development environment] Update the default config to use a live OAR database made available through tunneling
* f0699ff [Vagrant] Update the developpment.pp file so that build dependencies of gems with native gems are made available out of the box
* b8af9c0 [Packaging] Allow usage of vendorized bundler
* 8222891 [Packaging] Correct posinst script creting /usr/bin/g5k-api
* 9acd344 [Packaging] Correct issue in ruby dependency version
* f78f9f2 [Packaging] Work on changes to package in the vagrant box, without capistrano
* 4e169a7 [Vagrant] Support of puppet 4 with vagrant 2.7.x seems difficult. Put a minimum requirement on the version of Vagrant to be used
* fd56af2 [Vagrant] update instructions to upload a box from the insecure
* c4bbd9a [Vagrant] correct bundle install puppet exec step with proper unless clause
* 55d1e73 [Vagrant] add bundle install as a automated step during provisioning
* 1f24373 [Vagrant] use the puppet provisionner in a puppet 4 compatible way
* 6353419 [jessie] Cleanup the Gemfile so as to remove comments raom previous specification and version fixing that where probably no longer needed. Tested correct by running the unit tests
* 2cdd89c [jessie] The latest version of bundler sees our Gemfile.lock as being corrupt: seems linked to bundler issue #4147, that should be solved with the version pulled on Jessie but is not for us. Fix the version until this is investigated further.
* f9c9ed5 [jessie] ruby-dev package is required to build some gems
* 9e6bb62 [jessie] Update the yaml engine used to handle using ruby 2.1
* 2e029cb [jessie] Update the Gemfile to support ruby2.1 by replae rcov by simplecov
* 83f7de4 [jessie] iron out an other timezone heuristic handllin
* 484a330 [jessie] update the code of XMPP library to handle aliases better
* e2bb04c [ruby2.1] It seems that in ruby 2.1 Time.parse("Fri Mar 13 16:24:20 2009 +0000")==Time.parse("Fri Mar 13 16:24:20 2009 +0100") ! Update the test to circumvent the change in hueruistics used by parse
* c088162 [Jessie] update Vagrantfile and puppet recipes to be able to provision a debian 8.2 VM with no errors
* 7d8be29 [README] Attempt at a better looking second level item
* 31a62f9 [README] Cleanup the markup a bit more
* 909502f [README] Cleanup the markup
* eba0b8c [README] update the instruction to develop from the vagrant box
* a699ed0 [Vagrant] add directory to allow running rails from the vagrant box
* be7f838 [wheezy] update rake version to 11.1.1
* b0dc626 [cleanup] Clean up commented code used for tests
* 75dcd41 [wheezy] update blather using code (config/initializers/jabber.rb) to properly handle disconnects. Tested live
* 93c6f06 [Vagrant] Updating provisionning recipes and configuration so that the vagrant box can be used as development box
* bd697d9 [Wheezy] make the minimal updates to gems to use versions that compile on wheezy despite -Werror=format-security default behaviour by the gcc version used by wheezy (update blather, eventmachine, nokogiri), while keeping .gemspec files compatible with the native version of reubygems (downgrade autotest).
* 330428e [git] Add *~ to gitignore for emacs users such as myself
* 9f5bbd2 [Vagrant box] Change ports used by database so that tests can be run from the vagrant box itself
* dc71536 [Provisioning] Handle provisonning of development and test mysql databases in a nicer way
* a48f932 [packaging] make sure the packaging task does not block due to missing suitable DEBIAN_FRONTEND
* 977746f [Vagrant] Update vagrant instruction to stay compatible with older versions og vagrant while handling the removal of the insecure key promoted by recent versions
* bb02624 [README] Update instructions to bypass insecire https cert of
* 1eca7dc [provisioning] add some more precise dependencies
* e2e1fec [packaging] Update version of thin gem so it can compile on wheezy
* cb6706c [packaging] Add postgres packages (libpq-dev) as explicit dependency
* 0d04250 [packaging] Update the version number for eventmachine'
* f6f3d49 [packaging] Attempt a quick update to event machine so it compiles on wheezy
* f1d7217 [packaging] Require bundler version 1.7.6 to attempt to bypass the "Your Gemfile.lock is corrupt. The following gems are missing from the DEPENDENCIES section: archive-tar-minitar hoe rcov" error message
* 748eff3 update the packaging instructions so as to be able to package on a wheezy system
* 609b87f Update vagrant VM to wheezy
-- <> Wed, 27 Apr 2016 12:46:29 +0000
g5k-api (3.4.12-1) unstable; urgency=low
* 20a7ead release v3.4.12
......@@ -13,5 +13,5 @@
# limitations under the License.
module Grid5000
VERSION = "3.4.12" # patch upgrade after correction of bug ref 5856, 5912, 5941
VERSION = "3.5.0" # patch upgrade after correction of bug ref 5856, 5912, 5941
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