Commit cd118bba authored by Baptiste Jonglez's avatar Baptiste Jonglez

[ppc64] Add ubuntu1804-ppc64-min recipe

parent e0df451a
# vim: softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 expandtab fenc=utf-8 cc=81 tw=80
# DESCRIPTION: Ubuntu 18.04 ppc64 min Grid'5000 environment
extend: from_scratch/ppc64le/ubuntu-18.04.yaml
# Export format to generate
appliance_formats: qcow2 tar.gz
# Output base filename
output: "$${kameleon_cwd}/$${kameleon_recipe_name}"
# Grid'5000 environment variant
g5k_variant: min
# Grid'5000 environment version
g5k_version: 1111111111
# Grid'5000 environment arch
g5k_image_arch: ppc64
# Grid'5000 kadeploy environment parameters
g5k_tgz_path: server:///path/to/your/image
g5k_postinst_path: server:///grid5000/postinstalls/g5k-postinstall.tgz
g5k_postinst_script: g5k-postinstall --net netplan
g5k_kernel_params: ""
g5k_kernel_path: "/boot/vmlinux"
g5k_initrd_path: "/boot/initrd.img"
# kernel modules to blacklist
kernel_modules_blacklist: "usb_storage usbhid ohci_hcd ehci_hcd usbcore nouveau myri10ge"
# Grid'5000 deb repositories to add to sources
g5k_deb_repositories: "tgz-g5k"
# packages to install, with version
packages: "tgz-g5k=2.0.12 policykit-1"
# locales
locales: POSIX C en_US.UTF8
lang: en_US.UTF8
timezone: Europe/Paris
# passwords
root_password: grid5000
- "@base"
- "@base"
- configure_system
- fix_networkd
- configure_apt_sources
- configure_g5k_apt_sources
- install_packages
- set_kernel_modules_blacklist
- set_g5k_release
- set_g5k_motd
- "@base"
- do_qcow2_finish_works
- export_g5k
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