Commit ef7b1ceb authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume

fix command update_edge when the produced edge is equal to an existing edge

parent 176b3bfb
......@@ -137,11 +137,13 @@ module G_node = struct
let update_edge gid_tar old_edge feat_name new_value t =
let new_edge = G_edge.update feat_name new_value old_edge in
if new_edge = old_edge
then None
then None (* the edge is not modified --> not safe *)
match Massoc_gid.add_opt gid_tar new_edge (Massoc_gid.remove gid_tar old_edge with
let without_edge = Massoc_gid.remove gid_tar old_edge in
match Massoc_gid.add_opt gid_tar new_edge without_edge with
| Some new_next -> Some ({t with next = new_next }, new_edge)
| None -> None
| None -> (* the produced edge already exists, just remove the old one *)
Some ({t with next = without_edge }, new_edge)
let del_edge_feature gid_tar old_edge feat_name t =
match G_edge.remove feat_name old_edge with
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