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version 0.24.0

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Version 0.24 (11/24/14)
* Changes in the interface:
- the "loc" type is abstract and exported (changes the libgrew interface)
* New features:
- use a float in a command "node.feat = 123.456"
- improve checking for consistency between rules and feature domain at GRS loading time
- add the possibility to use parameters in the without part
* Bug fixes:
- take the feature "position" into account when the user chose features to display
- accept colors like "#abc"
* Misc
- add files for Geshi
- code reorganization
- add activate mechanism (untested)
Version 0.23 (2014-06-05)
Please refer to SVN logs
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VERSION = 0.23.1
VERSION = 0.24.0
INSTALL_DIR = @prefix@/bin/
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