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factorise html_header

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parent feba3d04
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ let html_header ?title buff =
wnl "<html>";
wnl " <head>";
wnl " <meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\">\n";
wnl " <meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\">";
wnl " <link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"style.css\" type=\"text/css\">";
(match title with
| Some t -> wnl " <title>%s</title>" (Str.global_replace (Str.regexp "#") " " t)
......@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ module Html_doc = struct
(match rule_.Ast.lp with
| None -> ()
| Some lines ->
wnl "<b>Local parameters</b></br>";
wnl "<b>Local parameters</b><br/>";
output_table args lines
......@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ module Html_doc = struct
(fun file ->
let filename = Filename.concat module_.Ast.mod_dir file in
wnl "<b>File:</b> %s</br>" file;
wnl "<b>File:</b> %s<br/>" file;
let lines =
try filename
with Sys_error msg -> wnl "<font color=\"red\">Error: %s</font>" msg; [] in
......@@ -480,7 +480,7 @@ module Html_rh = struct
match header with
| Some h -> wnl "%s</br>" h
| Some h -> wnl "%s<br/>" h
| None -> ()
......@@ -793,15 +793,13 @@ module Corpus_stat = struct
IntMap.add sol (StringSet.add base_name old) t.amb in
{ t with map = new_map; num = t.num+1; amb=new_amb; }
let unfoldable_set output_dir out_ch ?(bound=10) id file_set =
let unfoldable_set output_dir buff ?(bound=10) id file_set =
let counter = ref 0 in
(fun file ->
if !counter = bound
then fprintf out_ch "<div id=\"%s\" style=\"display:none;\">\n" id;
then bprintf buff "<div id=\"%s\" style=\"display:none;\">\n" id;
incr counter;
let link =
......@@ -809,20 +807,20 @@ module Corpus_stat = struct
then sprintf "<a href=\"%s.html\">%s</a>" file file
else file in
fprintf out_ch "%s &nbsp;&nbsp;\n" link
bprintf buff "%s &nbsp;&nbsp;\n" link
) file_set;
if (!counter > bound)
fprintf out_ch "</div>\n";
bprintf buff "</div>\n";
let if_part = sprintf "document.getElementById('%s').style.display = 'block'; document.getElementById('p_%s').innerHTML = '- Show first %d -';" id id bound in
let else_part = sprintf "document.getElementById('%s').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('p_%s').innerHTML = '+ Show all +';" id id in
fprintf out_ch " <div>\n";
fprintf out_ch " <a style=\"cursor:pointer;\" onClick=\"if (document.getElementById('%s').style.display == 'none') { %s } else { %s }\">\n" id if_part else_part;
fprintf out_ch " <b><p id=\"p_%s\">+ Show all +</p></b>\n" id;
fprintf out_ch " </a>\n";
fprintf out_ch " </div>\n";
bprintf buff " <div>\n";
bprintf buff " <a style=\"cursor:pointer;\" onClick=\"if (document.getElementById('%s').style.display == 'none') { %s } else { %s }\">\n" id if_part else_part;
bprintf buff " <b><p id=\"p_%s\">+ Show all +</p></b>\n" id;
bprintf buff " </a>\n";
bprintf buff " </div>\n";
......@@ -836,27 +834,24 @@ module Corpus_stat = struct
(* put the css file the [output_dir] *)
ignore(Sys.command("cp "^(Filename.concat DATA_DIR "style.css")^" "^(Filename.concat output_dir "style.css")));
(* output of index.html *)
let out_ch = open_out (Filename.concat output_dir "index.html") in
let buff = Buffer.create 32 in
let wnl fmt = Printf.ksprintf (fun x -> Printf.bprintf buff "%s\n" x) fmt in
let w fmt = Printf.ksprintf (fun x -> Printf.bprintf buff "%s" x) fmt in
fprintf out_ch "<head>\n";
fprintf out_ch " <link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"style.css\" type=\"text/css\">\n";
fprintf out_ch " <title>%s</title>\n" title;
fprintf out_ch " <meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\" />\n";
fprintf out_ch "</head>\n";
html_header ~title buff;
fprintf out_ch "<a href=\"sentences.html\">Sentences</a> -- Rewriting stats -- <a href=\"doc/index.html\">GRS documentation</a>\n";
wnl "<a href=\"sentences.html\">Sentences</a> -- Rewriting stats -- <a href=\"doc/index.html\">GRS documentation</a>";
fprintf out_ch "<h1>%s</h1>\n" (Str.global_replace (Str.regexp "#") " " title);
fprintf out_ch "<h2>Rewriting stats</h2>\n";
wnl "<h1>%s</h1>" (Str.global_replace (Str.regexp "#") " " title);
wnl "<h2>Rewriting stats</h2>";
fprintf out_ch "<center><table cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 width=\"95%%\">\n";
wnl "<center><table cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 width=\"95%%\">";
(fun modul ->
let modul_name = in
let rules = StringMap.find modul_name in
fprintf out_ch "<tr><td colspan=\"5\" style=\"padding: 0px;\"><h6>Module %s</h6></td></tr>\n" modul_name;
fprintf out_ch "<tr><th class=\"first\">Rule</th><th>#occ(min/max)</th><th>#files</th><th>Ratio</th><th>Files</th></tr>\n";
wnl "<tr><td colspan=\"5\" style=\"padding: 0px;\"><h6>Module %s</h6></td></tr>" modul_name;
wnl "<tr><th class=\"first\">Rule</th><th>#occ(min/max)</th><th>#files</th><th>Ratio</th><th>Files</th></tr>";
let ((min_occ, max_occ), full_sent) =
(fun _ ((v_min,v_max), file_set) ((acc_min,acc_max), acc_sent) ->
......@@ -864,13 +859,13 @@ module Corpus_stat = struct
rules ((0,0),StringSet.empty) in
let tot_sent = StringSet.cardinal full_sent in
fprintf out_ch "<tr>\n";
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"first_total\">Total for module</td>\n";
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"total\">%d/%d</td>" min_occ max_occ;
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"total\">%d</td>" tot_sent;
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"total\">%.2f%%</td>" (ratio tot_sent);
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"total\">&nbsp;</td>\n";
fprintf out_ch "</tr>\n";
wnl "<tr>";
wnl " <td class=\"first_total\">Total for module</td>";
wnl " <td class=\"total\">%d/%d</td>" min_occ max_occ;
wnl " <td class=\"total\">%d</td>" tot_sent;
wnl " <td class=\"total\">%.2f%%</td>" (ratio tot_sent);
wnl " <td class=\"total\">&nbsp;</td>";
wnl "</tr>";
List.iter (* iteration on list to keep the same order in html output and in grs input *)
(fun rule ->
......@@ -880,20 +875,18 @@ module Corpus_stat = struct
let id = sprintf "%s_%s" modul_name rule_name in
let file_num = StringSet.cardinal file_set in
fprintf out_ch "<tr>\n";
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"first_stats\" valign=top><a href=\"doc/%s.html\">%s</a></td>\n"
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\" valign=top>%d/%d</td>\n" min_occ max_occ;
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\" valign=top>%d</td>\n" file_num;
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\" valign=top>%.2f%%</td>\n" (ratio file_num);
wnl "<tr>";
wnl " <td class=\"first_stats\" valign=top><a href=\"doc/%s.html\">%s</a></td>" id rule_name;
wnl " <td class=\"stats\" valign=top>%d/%d</td>" min_occ max_occ;
wnl " <td class=\"stats\" valign=top>%d</td>" file_num;
wnl " <td class=\"stats\" valign=top>%.2f%%</td>" (ratio file_num);
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\">\n";
wnl " <td class=\"stats\">";
(if file_num = 0
then fprintf out_ch " &nbsp;"
else unfoldable_set output_dir out_ch id file_set);
fprintf out_ch " </td>\n";
fprintf out_ch "</tr>\n";
then w " &nbsp;"
else unfoldable_set output_dir buff id file_set);
wnl " </td>";
wnl "</tr>";
) modul.Modul.rules
) t.modules;
......@@ -901,52 +894,58 @@ module Corpus_stat = struct
if not (IntMap.is_empty t.amb)
fprintf out_ch "<tr><td colspan=5><h6>Rewriting ambiguity</h6></td></tr>\n";
fprintf out_ch "<tr><th class=\"first\" >Number of normal forms</th><th colspan=2 width=20>#files</th><th >Ratio</th><th>Files</th></tr>\n";
wnl "<tr><td colspan=5><h6>Rewriting ambiguity</h6></td></tr>";
wnl "<tr><th class=\"first\" >Number of normal forms</th><th colspan=2 width=20>#files</th><th >Ratio</th><th>Files</th></tr>";
(fun num set ->
let id = sprintf "amb_%d" num in
let num_files = StringSet.cardinal set in
fprintf out_ch "<tr>\n";
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"first_stats\">%d</td>\n" num;
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\" colspan=2>%d</td>\n" num_files;
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\">%.2f%%</td>\n" (ratio num_files);
fprintf out_ch " <td class=\"stats\">";
wnl "<tr>";
wnl " <td class=\"first_stats\">%d</td>" num;
wnl " <td class=\"stats\" colspan=2>%d</td>" num_files;
wnl " <td class=\"stats\">%.2f%%</td>" (ratio num_files);
w " <td class=\"stats\">";
unfoldable_set output_dir out_ch id set;
unfoldable_set output_dir buff id set;
fprintf out_ch " </td>\n";
fprintf out_ch "</tr>\n") t.amb
wnl " </td>";
wnl "</tr>") t.amb
(* add a subtable for sentence that produces an error *)
(match List.length t.error with
| 0 -> ()
| nb_errors ->
fprintf out_ch "<tr><td colspan=5><h6>ERRORS</h6></td></tr>\n";
fprintf out_ch "<tr><th class=\"first\" >Rule</th><th colspan=2 width=20>#files</th><th >Ratio</th><th>Files</th></tr>\n";
wnl "<tr><td colspan=5><h6>ERRORS</h6></td></tr>";
wnl "<tr><th class=\"first\" >Rule</th><th colspan=2 width=20>#files</th><th >Ratio</th><th>Files</th></tr>";
fprintf out_ch "<tr>\n";
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"first_stats\">Errors</td>\n";
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"stats\" colspan=2>%d</td>\n" nb_errors;
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"stats\">%.2f%%</td>\n" (ratio nb_errors);
fprintf out_ch "<td class=\"stats\">";
wnl "<tr>";
wnl "<td class=\"first_stats\">Errors</td>";
wnl "<td class=\"stats\" colspan=2>%d</td>" nb_errors;
wnl "<td class=\"stats\">%.2f%%</td>" (ratio nb_errors);
w "<td class=\"stats\">";
match t.error with
| [] -> fprintf out_ch "&nbsp;"
| [] -> w "&nbsp;"
| l ->
(fun (file,err) ->
if Sys.file_exists (Filename.concat output_dir (sprintf "%s.html" file))
then fprintf out_ch "<a href=\"%s.html\">%s</a>: %s<br/>" file file err
else fprintf out_ch "%s: %s<br/>" file err
then w "<a href=\"%s.html\">%s</a>: %s<br/>" file file err
else wnl "%s: %s<br/>" file err
(List.rev l);
fprintf out_ch "</td>\n";
fprintf out_ch "</tr>");
wnl "</td>";
wnl "</tr>");
fprintf out_ch "</table></center>\n";
wnl "</table></center>";
wnl " </body>";
wnl "</html>";
let out_ch = open_out (Filename.concat output_dir "index.html") in
fprintf out_ch "%s" (Buffer.contents buff);
close_out out_ch
end (* module Stat *)
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