Commit 97e53b4f authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume
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remove dependencies to dep2pict

parent 6f112b30
true: package(unix, containers, conll, dep2pict, camomile, cairo2, log, yojson) true: package(unix, yojson, containers, log, conll)
true: bin_annot true: bin_annot
...@@ -11,14 +11,11 @@ remove: [ ...@@ -11,14 +11,11 @@ remove: [
["make" "uninstall"] ["make" "uninstall"]
] ]
depends: [ depends: [
"cppo" "cppo"
"menhir" "menhir"
"yojson" "yojson"
"containers" "containers"
] ]
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