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version 0.37.0: strategies & constituent

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/semagramme/libcaml-grew/trunk@9103 7838e531-6607-4d57-9587-6c381814729c
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Version 0.37.0 (2016/09/02)
* add support for constitency trees
* add definition of strategies (not completly implemented…)
Version 0.36.2 (2016/08/30)
* Remove dependencies amongst xml-light and camlp4
Version 0.36.1 (2016/08/29)
* Fix bug #15 [http://talc2.loria.fr:8888/bruno/grew/issues/15]
Version 0.36 (2016/08/18)
* Make domains optional
Version 0.35 (2016/07/14)
* add the debug_loop flag (when a loop is suspected graph is considered as a normal form, such that it is possible to see it in the GUI)
* new functions in libgrew.mli for Grewpy:
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