Commit 077dc327 authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume

Fix usage message

parent d82eaf3b
......@@ -25,12 +25,9 @@ module Grew_args = struct
let timeout = ref None
let usage =
"grew has 3 running modes:\n"^
" * GUI MODE: a Gtk interface (this is the default mode)\n"^
" * CORPUS MODE: runs rewriting on all graphs of a directory\n"^
" * DET MODE: runs a deterministic grs on all graphs of a directory\n"^
"grew-gui: a Gtk interface\n"^
"Options for mode selection:"
let dump_version () =
Printf.printf "grew: %s\n" VERSION;
......@@ -49,6 +46,7 @@ module Grew_args = struct
"-max_depth_non_det", Int (fun v -> Rewrite.set_max_depth_non_det v), "<int> set the maximum depth of rewriting in a module in non-deterministric rewriting (default: 100)";
"-features", String (fun s -> features := Some (Str.split (Str.regexp "; *") s)), "<feat_name_list> set the list of feature names to printf in dep format";
"-main_feat", String (fun s -> main_feat := Some s), "<feat_name_list> set the list of feature names used in dep format to set the \"main word\"";
"-safe_commands", Unit (fun () -> Libgrew.set_safe_commands true), " enable safe_commands mode";
"-debug", Unit (fun () -> Libgrew.set_debug_mode true), " enable debug mode";
"-debug_loop", Unit (fun () -> Rewrite.set_debug_loop ()), " enable loop debug mode";
"-fullscreen", Unit (fun () -> fullscreen := true), " fullscreen";
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