Commit 347fcd4e authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume

add UD_portuguese

parent ef0b2e4d
......@@ -26,10 +26,12 @@ features {
% to be completed
Definite: Def, Ind;
Degree: Abs, Cmp, Pos, Sup;
Gender: Fem, Masc, Neut, Com, "Masc,Neut", "Fem,Neut", "Fem,Masc";
Gender: Fem, Masc, Neut, Com, "Masc,Neut", "Fem,Neut", "Fem,Masc",
Unsp; % UD_Portuguese
Mood: Imp, Ind, Cnd, Sub, Pot;
NumType: Card, Mult, Ord, Range, Frac, Sets, "Mult,Sets";
Number: Plur, Sing, Dual,"Plur,Sing";
Number: Plur, Sing, Dual,"Plur,Sing",
Unsp; % UD_Portuguese
Person: 0, 1, 2, 3;
Poss: Yes;
PronType: Art, Dem, Int, Prs, Rel, Neg, Ind,
......@@ -38,13 +40,15 @@ features {
Emp, % Czech
Rcp; % needed for Finnish treebank
Reflex: Yes;
Tense: Past, Pres, Imp, Fut;
Tense: Past, Pres, Imp, Fut,
Pqp; % UD_Portuguese
VerbForm: Fin, Ger, Inf, Part, Trans, Vnoun, Conv, Sup;
Voice: Act, Pass, Mid;
Polarity: Neg, Pos;
% Polish
AdpType:Prep, Post, Voc, Comprep;
AdpType:Prep, Post, Voc, Comprep,
Preppron; % UD_Portuguese
Animacy: Anim, Inan, Nhum, Hum;
Aspect: Perf, Imp;
Variant: Short, Long;
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