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**Grew** is a Graph Rewriting tool dedicated to applications in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It can manipulate many kinds of linguistic representation. It has been used on POS-tagged sequence, surface dependency syntax, deep dependency syntax, semantic representation (AMR, DMRS) but it can be used to represent any graph-based structure.
## News
**2019/03/26:** New release of version **1.2**. See [What's new](/whats/) for changes
**2019/06/24:** New release of version **1.3**. See [What's new](/whats/) for changes
**April 2018:** Publication of the book [*Application of Graph Rewriting to Natural Language Processing*](
The chapter 1 is [available from the editor website](
......@@ -18,7 +18,14 @@ More detailled informations in files `` for each sub-project:
# [**last release**] Version 1.2 on March 26, 2019
# [**last release**] Version 1.3 on June 24, 2019
* Add support of "@alpha" extension in edges
* Add a default “empty.grs”
* Read from `stdin` if there is no `-i`, write to `stdout` if there is no `-o`
# Version 1.2 on March 26, 2019
* Edge label can be viewed as feature structure "x:y" <=> "1=x, 2=y"
* Add `global` section in pattern (is_projective, is_cyclic, is_tree, is_forest)
* Add `?get_url` parameter to `Graph.to_dot` (AMR handling in Grew-match)
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