Commit 4920b479 authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume

Check that -node_id argument refers to a valid name of the given pattern (grep mode)

parent e3d6713d
......@@ -283,11 +283,15 @@ let full () =
| None -> None
| Some grs_file -> Grs.get_domain (Grs.load grs_file) in
let pattern = Pattern.load ?domain pattern_file in
if not (List.mem node_id (Pattern.pid_list pattern))
then (Log.fmessage "The requester node_id \"%s\" is not defined in the pattern" node_id; exit 1)
(* get the array of graphs to explore *)
let graph_array = Corpus.get_graphs ?domain data_file in
let pattern = Pattern.load ?domain pattern_file in
match !Grew_args.output_dir with
| None ->
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