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## 2018/11/30
* New release, including new modules (`Gensym`, `Memoize`,
`Tabulate`, `Number`, `HashCons`, `Prop`, `Glue`),
new convenience functors (`Fix.ForHashedType`, etc.),
and new demos.
The least-fixed-point computation algorithm is unchanged.
## 2013/06/11
* Initial release of the package,
containing just `Fix.Make`, the
least-fixed-point computation algorithm.
......@@ -13,8 +13,6 @@
* Provide an API in the style of Menhir's `FixSolver`, where constraints are
discovered incrementally during a first phase, then the solver is started?
* Add ``.
* Insert copyright headers into source files.
* Test and release the `opam` package.
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