Commit ed7e0be2 authored by Glen Mével's avatar Glen Mével
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removed duplicated lemma

parent c6057c67
......@@ -352,13 +352,6 @@ Section Soundness.
(* derive the adequacy of the translated program from a Hoare triple in Iris. *)
Lemma auth_mnat_alloc `{inG Σ (authR mnatUR)} (n : mnat) :
(|==> γ, own γ (mnat n) own γ (mnat n))%I.
by iMod (own_alloc (mnat n mnat n)) as (γ) "[? ?]" ; auto with iFrame.
Global Arguments auth_mnat_alloc {_ _} n%nat.
Lemma spec_trtranslation__adequate_translation {Σ} (nmax : nat) (ψ : val Prop) e :
(0 < nmax)%nat
( `{!timeReceiptHeapG Σ},
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