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......@@ -130,11 +130,13 @@
title={Theorems for Free from Separation Logic Specifications},
note={Under submission at ICFP'21}
author={Birkedal, Lars and Dinsdale-Young, Thomas and Guéneau, Armaël and Jaber, Guilhem and Svendsen, Kasper and Tzevelekos, Nikos},
journal = pacmpl,
volume = "5",
number = "ICFP",
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ would be unable to open their invariant around the triples shown
Yet these operations are ``atomic'' in some empirical sense.
The concept of logical atomicity~\cite[\S7]{jung-slides-2019,iris-15} aims at addressing that difficulty.
The concept of logical atomicity~\cite[\S7]{jacobs2011expressive,jung-slides-2019,iris-15} aims at addressing that difficulty.
To use it, we substitute ordinary Hoare triples with \emph{logically atomic triples}.
Just like ordinary triples, they specify a program fragment with a precondition and a postcondition.
The core difference is that invariants can be opened around a logically atomic triple, regardless of the number of execution steps of the program fragment: in a sense, when a function is specified using a logically atomic triple, one states that said function behaves as if it were atomic.
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