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Issue tag v18.12.

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Tags: past the very first one, the convention is to name a tag after the year and week it was put. For instance, 13.46
means week 46 of year 2013. Should a second tag be given the same week, an index is added: 13.46.2.
IMPORTANT: This tag requires an update of Lua version used: 5.3 is now needed (former tags required on the contrary older 5.1).
- Feature #7: Add an operator with the penalization term for hyperelasticity with incompressibility. This model is also provided in its own gitlab project.
- Feature #1246: Implement a proper Catch2 test case (the test about Pk2 operator).
- Feature #1234: Add Catch header file for unit tests.
- Feature #1241 Introduce a mock operator that would call under the hood handle SecondPiolaKirchhoff and penalization.
- Design #1247: Remove SCons build, now that CMake is working properly for macos and Linux.
- Design #1235: Replace Ops by a home-made library.
- Profile #1228 Rewrite the loop over quadrature points to make them more efficient.
- Support #1248: Update integration test script to make it work with CMake
- Support #1244: Add invoking file and line in Singleton::GetInstance() to ease debugging.
- Support #1243: Add a script to update Catch2 version.
- Support #1242: Introduce a new class to mimic command line behaviour for Catch2 tests (gives argc and argv arguments...)
- Support #1237: Introduce an optional environment variable for mesh path in Lua files, making the models easier to run in an environment different from the M3DISIM macos organization.
- Support #1236: Add a function which gives away as a string the type of a template parameter (lifted from StackOverflow).
- Support #1233: Improve drastically the way local operator is assigned in LocalOperatorTupleItem.
- Support #1229: In Solid, offer a clean way to neutralize the consistency checks between Lame coefficients, Young modulus/poisson ratio and kappa coefficients (cleaner than the epsilon = 1.e50 introduced earlier by Gautier...)
- Support #1219: Remove MatchDofInNumberingSubset, which was a hack actually not required.
- Support #1140: Rename GeometricMeshRegion Mesh.
- Bug #1226: Test functions and functions were actually inverted in assembling + some operators weren't actually working in case test function was not the same Gautier
- Bug #1239: Fix header guards script.
- Bug #1231: Fix CMake build on Linux.
- Support #1220: CMake build is now also working with external models (checked extensively with AcousticWave). CMake build is not 100 % satisfactorily but it doesn the job.
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