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......@@ -44,22 +44,26 @@ dedicated to dense linear algebra.
* Documentation
** User guide
The user guide is available directly in the sources as emacs
orgmode files, see :
1) [[file:doc/orgmode/chapters/][Introduction]]
2) [[file:doc/orgmode/chapters/][Installing]]
3) [[file:doc/orgmode/chapters/][Using]]
** Source code documentation (doxygen)
There is no up-to-date documentation of Chameleon. We would like to
provide a doxygen documentation hosted on [[][gitlab]] in the
future. Please refer to the section 2.1 of [[][READMEDEV]] to get
information about the documentation generation.
The documentation of Chameleon's last release is available here:
[[][chameleon-0.9.1 documentation]].
** For developers
Please refer to the [[][READMEDEV]] page.
* Installation
Please refer to the [[][quick installation guide]].
* Get involved!
Please refer to the [[file:doc/orgmode/chapters/][Installing]] page.
* Get involved!
** Mailing list
To contact the developers send an email to
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