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--threads=9 --gpus=3
List of main options that can be used in timing:
* ~--help~: show usage
* ~--threads~: Number of CPU workers (default:
* ~--gpus~: number of GPU workers (default: ~0~)
* ~--n_range=R~: range of N values, with ~R=Start:Stop:Step~
(default: ~500:5000:500~)
* ~--m=X~: dimension (M) of the matrices (default: ~N~)
* ~--k=X~: dimension (K) of the matrices (default: ~1~), useful for
GEMM algorithm (k is the shared dimension and must be defined
>1 to consider matrices and not vectors)
* ~--nrhs=X~: number of right-hand size (default: ~1~)
* ~--nb=X~: block/tile size. (default: ~128~)
* ~--ib=X~: inner-blocking/IB size. (default: ~32~)
* ~--niter=X~: number of iterations performed for each test
(default: ~1~)
* ~--rhblk=X~: if X > 0, enable Householder mode for QR and LQ
factorization. X is the size of each subdomain (default: ~0~)
* ~--[no]check~: check result (default: ~nocheck~)
* ~--[no]profile~: print profiling informations (default:
* ~--[no]trace~: enable/disable trace generation (default: ~notrace~)
* ~--[no]dag~: enable/disable DAG generation (default: ~nodag~)
* ~--[no]inv~: check on inverse (default: ~noinv~)
* ~--nocpu~: all GPU kernels are exclusively executed on GPUs
* ~--ooc~: Enable out-of-core (available only with StarPU)
* ~--bound~: Compare result to area bound (available only with
StarPU) (default: ~0~)
List of timing algorithms available:
* LANGE: norms of matrices
* GEMM: general matrix-matrix multiply
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