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......@@ -1504,6 +1504,7 @@ Definitions of \emph{parameterized types} are supported. However, only
\emph{regular} parameterized types are supported. A parameterized type is
regular if, within its own definition, it is applied only to its formal
parameters. For instance, the well-known definition of lists is regular:
type 'a list =
......@@ -1511,8 +1512,10 @@ type 'a list =
| (::) of 'a * 'a list
whereas the following definition of a random access
list~\cite[\S10.1.2]{okasaki-book-99} is not:
type 'a seq =
......@@ -1521,6 +1524,7 @@ type 'a seq =
| One of 'a * ('a * 'a) seq
Irregular data types are also known as
``nonuniform''~\cite[\S10.1]{okasaki-book-99} or ``nested'' data
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