Commit 2bca65a2 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Inlined [column] and [ifeqphys], which were used only once.

parent 971abb7f
......@@ -550,23 +550,6 @@ let bind (rs : variables) (ss : variables)
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Assuming [ess] is a matrix of width [arity] and assuming [arity] is [1],
[column ess] returns the first column of [ess], represented as a list. *)
let column (ess : 'a list list) : 'a list =
assert (for_all (fun es -> length es = arity) ess);
assert (arity = 1);
map hd ess
(* Under the above assumptions about [ess], [ifeqphys ess rs e1 e2] constructs
an [if/then/else] construct whose condition is the pointwise conjunction of
physical equalities between [column ess] and [evars rs]. *)
let ifeqphys (ess : expressions list) (rs : variables) e1 e2 =
Exp.ifthenelse (eqphys (column ess) (evars rs)) e1 (Some e2)
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* [call m es] emits a method call of the form [self#m es]. *)
let call (m : methode) (es : expressions) : expression =
......@@ -778,8 +761,14 @@ class virtual ascend_endo
that is the case, then it returns the original data structure, [this].
Otherwise, it reconstructs a new data structure, like a [map] visitor. *)
method! ascend_Endo =
(* [subjects] is a matrix of width [arity], and [arity] is [1]. The first
column of [subjects] is [map hd subjects]. *)
assert (for_all (fun es -> length es = arity) subjects);
assert (arity = 1);
ifeqphys subjects rs (evar this) (self#ascend_Map)
(eqphys (map hd subjects) (evars rs))
(evar this)
(Some self#ascend_Map)
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