Commit e93d1cc2 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Updated CHANGES to mention [nude] and [polymorphic].

parent 6fbcb9fb
A new option [polymorphic = true] allows generating visitor methods with
polymorphic types. With [polymorphic = true], a type variable ['a] is
handled by a visitor *function* [visit_'a], which is passed as an argument
to every visitor method; whereas, with [polymorphic = false], a type
variable ['a] is handled by a virtual visitor *method* [visit_'a].
When [polymorphic] is [true], irregular algebraic data types are supported.
Instead of a Boolean value, the parameter [polymorphic] can also be set
to a list of type variable names, so one can choose, for each type variable,
how it should be handled. See the documentation for more details.
A new option [data = false] allows suppressing the generation of visitor
methods for data constructors. This makes the generated visitor slightly
simpler and faster, but less customizable.
A new option [nude = true] allows *not* implicitly inheriting the class
Makefile.preprocess is now installed with the package, so users can rely on it
without needing to copy it.
without needing to copy it. See the documentation for instructions.
Added a new variety of visitors, "mapreduce". This visitor computes a pair of a
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