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Note that, in a family of types, the keyword [and] must be used.

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......@@ -710,6 +710,11 @@ these classes has visitor methods for every type (namely \tyconvisitor{unop},
\tyconvisitor{binop}, \tyconvisitor{expr}) and for every data constructor
(namely \dataconvisitor{UnaryMinus}, \dataconvisitor{BinaryMinus}, and so on).
Note that, for the \derivingvisitors annotation to apply to the entire family,
as opposed to just the type \oc|expr|, the types \oc|unop|, \oc|binop|, and
\oc|expr| in \fref{fig:expr06} are declared simultaneously: that is, their
declarations are separated with the keyword \oc|and|.
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
\subsection{Visitors for parameterized types}
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