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Tested variant 1.

parent b6080a98
......@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@ type 'a sometree =
| Leaf
| Node of 'a sometree * 'a * 'a sometree
(* This annotation is used only at the very end and can be ignored upon
first reading: *)
[@@deriving visitors { variety = "reduce"; polymorphic = true;
name = "sometree_reduce" }]
(* We would like to enumerate the elements of this data structure.
More precisely, we would like to construct an iterator, that is,
an on-demand producer of elements. Here is a simple definition
......@@ -273,3 +279,45 @@ let i : int iterator =
- : int option = None
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Variant: it is possible to use the visitor [sometree_reduce] which was
generated at the very beginning. This removes the need for defining the
type [mytree]. The trick is to override the method [visit_sometree] so as
to insert a delay at every tree node. *)
module Variant1 = struct
class ['self] reduce = object (self : 'self)
inherit [_] sometree_reduce as super
inherit [_] delayed_tree_monoid
method! visit_sometree visit_'a env t =
self#visit_delay (super#visit_sometree visit_'a) env t
(* The rest of the code is unchanged. It is reproduced here for testing. *)
class ['self] verbose_reduce = object (_ : 'self)
inherit [_] reduce as super
method! visit_Leaf visit_'a env =
Printf.printf "Visiting a leaf.\n%!";
super#visit_Leaf visit_'a env
method! visit_Node visit_'a env t1 x t2 =
Printf.printf "Visiting a node.\n%!";
super#visit_Node visit_'a env t1 x t2
let sometree_to_delayed_tree (t : 'a sometree) =
new verbose_reduce # visit_sometree yield () t
let sometree_to_iterator (t : 'a sometree) : 'a iterator =
delayed_tree_to_iterator (sometree_to_delayed_tree t)
let t : int sometree =
Node (Node (Leaf, 1, Leaf), 2, Node (Leaf, 3, Leaf))
let i : int iterator =
sometree_to_iterator t
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