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Commit bdef1434 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois


parent bc63ddd4
......@@ -2,25 +2,14 @@
Try to better clean up & share at the three call sites of [bulk].
beware of capture: code in @build can see some private variables
Document @build for sum types and record types.
Careful not to mis-spell it.
Document hexpr_polymorphic.
Add a pointer to
mapreduce can serve to collect locations
create a new opam package visitorshashcons?
Better clean up & share code at the three call sites of [bulk].
Document hexpr_polymorphic. Make VisitorsHashcons available as a library.
If there is an error, then the warnings are never seen,
because they are placed in the generated code.
Can we fix this?
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