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......@@ -66,4 +66,30 @@ In the less ambitious approach, what needs to be done?
* when hitting a type variable, declare and invoke a virtual visitor
method for it
I believe that is all.
More on parameterized type declarations
The Frama-C AST uses lists and options extensively. Also, when dealing with
names and binders, I need to define a type 'a binder once and for all, and to
use several instances of it in a single type definition. So, I need to allow
multiple distinct instances of a (built-in or nonlocal) parameterized type.
Duplicating methods and inventing names, like list_apple and list_orange,
sounds unpleasant. (I note that one could avoid inventing names by requiring
the user to provide a name in an attribute declaration, but that seems heavy,
too.) Furthermore, in the subclasses [iter] and [map], each of the duplicate
virtual methods needs to be manually overridden, it seems. This is not
In the case of ['a list], in the subclasses [iter] and [map], we can get away
by not creating a method and directly invoking the polymorphic functions
[List.iter] and []. Similarly for options. Similarly for a
user-defined nonlocal type, such as ['a binder], provided we have a user
annotation (or a uniform naming scheme) that gives us access to polymorphic
functions [Binder.iter] and []. Unfortunately, I am not sure what to
do about the base class, [visitor]. I could use the same trick that I imagined
for tuples and just use [] directly -- thus imposing that folding on
a binder must reconstruct a binder. That might work but would be somewhat
inefficient and unpleasant. I feel there is something that I still do not
understand here...
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