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## Variant: Avoiding Duplication of the Type Definition
Earlier, we have generated a visitor for the existing type `'a sometree` in "a
posteriori" style. We have manually created an isomorphic copy of the type `'a
sometree`, which we have named `'a mytree`, and have annotated this copy with
`[@@deriving visitors { ... }]`. Furthermore, we have taken this opportunity
to insert `delay` type constructors into the type, so as to influence the
generated visitor.
This style is relatively pleasant because it is declarative and lets us
control exactly where `delay`s are inserted. However, it requires duplicating
the definition of the type `'a sometree`, which may be unpleasant (if the
definition is large) or impossible (if the definition is hidden behind an
abstraction barrier).
Another approach is to generate a visitor in "a priori" style. When the type
`'a sometree` is first defined, a `reduce` visitor can be immediately
generated for it, as follows:
type 'a sometree =
| Leaf
| Node of 'a sometree * 'a * 'a sometree
[@@deriving visitors { variety = "reduce"; polymorphic = true;
name = "sometree_reduce" }]
At this point, we pretend that we do not know yet what this visitor will be
used for, so we have not annotated the type definition with `delay`s, and have
not used `delayed_tree_monoid` as a base class. We get a visitor class, named
`sometree_reduce`. This class has two virtual methods, `zero` and `plus`.
Then, we create a subclass, named `reduce`, which we tailor to our needs.
We mix the generated class `sometree_reduce` with the class `delayed_tree_monoid`,
and insert a delay at every tree node by overriding the method `visit_sometree`:
class ['self] reduce = object (self : 'self)
inherit [_] sometree_reduce as super
inherit [_] delayed_tree_monoid
method! visit_sometree visit_'a env t =
self#visit_delay (super#visit_sometree visit_'a) env t
The rest of the code is unchanged.
## Acknowledgements
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