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New tests involving hash-consing and [polymorphic] mode.

parent 16ee6642
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ true: \
package(visitors.ppx), \
<expr07*> or <expr08*> or <expr14*>: \
<expr07*> or <expr08*> or <expr14*> or <hexpr_polymorphic*>: \
<bench.*>: \
......@@ -36,3 +36,5 @@ expr_info_polymorphic_use
open Hashcons
(* Although we cannot implement the method [visit_hash_consed] yet, as we need
a hash-consing table to do that, we can announce what its type should be.
The key subtlety here is that this method must be monomorphic in ['b].
Indeed, we cannot hope to be able to build values of type ['b hash_consed]
for every ['b]. We can only hope to build values of type ['b hash_consed]
for a fixed (as yet undetermined) ['b], if we have a hash-consing table of
type ['b Hashcons.t]. *)
class virtual ['self] hashcons_map_placeholder = object (_ : 'self)
method virtual visit_hash_consed: 'env 'a .
('env -> 'a -> 'b) ->
'env -> 'a hash_consed -> 'b hash_consed
(* This allows us to define the types [expr] and [hexpr]... *)
type 'expr oexpr =
| EConst of int
| EAdd of 'expr * 'expr
and hexpr =
H of hexpr oexpr hash_consed [@@unboxed]
(* ... and generate a visitor class for them, where [visit_hash_consed]
is a virtual method. So far, so good, it seems. *)
[@@deriving visitors { variety = "map"; name = "map_incomplete";
polymorphic = true;
ancestors = ["hashcons_map_placeholder"] }]
(* Assuming that a hash-consing table is given, we can then use this
table in a concrete definition of [visit_hash_consed]. *)
(* The type ['b] is instantiated here with [hexpr oexpr]. We do not
have a choice: this type is fixed by the definition of [hexpr].
The generated method [visit_hexpr] contains a call to
[visit_hash_consed] at this type. *)
class ['self] map (table : hexpr oexpr Hashcons.t) = object (_ : 'self)
inherit [_] map_incomplete
method visit_hash_consed visit_'a env { node = e; _ } =
hashcons table (visit_'a env e)
(* Defining open expressions
and closing them,
in one go,
in [polymorphic] mode. *)
type 'expr oexpr =
| EConst of int
| EAdd of 'expr * 'expr
and expr =
E of expr oexpr [@@unboxed]
[@@deriving visitors { variety = "map"; polymorphic = true; concrete = true }]
let double : expr -> expr =
let v = object
inherit [_] map
method! visit_EConst _ _env k =
EConst (2 * k)
end in
v # visit_expr ()
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