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Added a link to a blog post on fixed points of functors.

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......@@ -5,3 +5,11 @@
year = 2017,
author = {Bartosz Milewski},
title = {Understanding {$F$-algebras}},
month = oct,
year = 2013,
......@@ -922,8 +922,8 @@ because the type \oc|oexpr| is parameterized over the type variable
A closed (recursive) type of expressions, \oc|expr|, can then be defined in
terms of \oc|expr|. This is done in \fref{fig:expr13}. In type-theoretical
terms, one would like to define \oc|expr| as the fixed point of the functor
% TEMPORARY citation; demander à Pierre-Évariste
That is, roughly speaking, one would like to define \oc|type expr = expr oexpr|.
This is not accepted by OCaml, though;%
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