Commit 6fbcb9fb authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Document how to include Makefile.preprocess in a Makefile.

parent 0046ca7f
......@@ -1570,11 +1570,15 @@ for instance, when arbitrary user code is inherited via the \ancestors
The file \srcFile{Makefile.preprocess} offers a recipe that builds a file
named \oc|| out of the source file \oc||. This file contains
named \verb|| out of the source file \verb||. This file contains
just the generated code. The recipe relies on \oc|sed|, \oc|perl|, and
\oc|ocp-indent| to extract and beautify the code. This file is installed
with the \visitors package; it can be found at the computed path
\verb+`ocamlfind query visitors`/Makefile.preprocess+.
\verb+`ocamlfind query visitors`/Makefile.preprocess+. In a \texttt{Makefile},
use the following directive:
include $(shell ocamlfind query visitors)/Makefile.preprocess
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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