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Commit 3d39dde8 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Clarify what it means for 'env to appear free in the types of the methods.

parent c3358e21
......@@ -281,7 +281,12 @@ their existence. Second, we have omitted the type constraint that bears on
the type variable \oc|'self|, as it is in fact redundant: it is implicit in OCaml
that the type of ``self'' must be an object type that lists the public methods.
The bizarre-looking ``\oc|'monomorphic.|'' annotations indicate that the methods have
monomorphic types; this trick is explained in \sref{sec:oo:monomorphic}.
monomorphic types. (This notational trick is explained in \sref{sec:oo:monomorphic}.)
This means that the type variable~\oc|'env| is not quantified at the level of each
method\footnote{That would be undesirable, as it would force each method to
treat the environment as an argument of unknown type!}, but at the level of the class.
This means that the three methods must agree on the type of the environment, and
that this type is presently undetermined, but can be determined in a subclass.
The class type shown in \fref{fig:simplified} cannot be further simplified.
The methods \tyconvisitor{EConst} and \tyconvisitor{EAdd} cannot be hidden, as
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