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Commit 1e65a970 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Remove an overfull hbox.

parent ea3efd8e
...@@ -2236,7 +2236,7 @@ type 'a mylist = 'a list = ...@@ -2236,7 +2236,7 @@ type 'a mylist = 'a list =
[@@deriving visitors { variety = "map" }] [@@deriving visitors { variety = "map" }]
\end{lstlisting} \end{lstlisting}
\end{origenv} \end{origenv}
If desired, instead of \oc|[@name]|, one can use If desired, instead of \oc|[@name]|, one can use
\oc|[]| or \oc|[]|. \oc|[]| or \oc|[]|.
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