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# Changes
## 2020/MM/DD
* In principle, when the parameter `check_iterator_validity` is `true`, a
concurrent modification (that is, a modification of an ephemeral sequence
that takes place while an iteration on this sequence is ongoing) must be
detected by `Sek`, giving rise to an exception. In several functions, this
was not the case. Fixed. (These functions are `E.to_seq`, `E.to_seqi`,
``, `E.mapi`, `E.iter2_segments`, `E.iter2`, `E.map2`, `E.fold_left2`,
`E.fold_right2`, `E.find2`, `E.exists2`, `E.for_all2`, `E.equal`,
``, `E.merge`.)
## 2020/06/18
* The time complexity of every operation is now documented as part of its
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