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......@@ -93,29 +93,29 @@ Although the course has changed, you may still have a look at
Previous exams available with solutions:
- mid-term exam 2016-2017:
[](Record concatenation)
[(Record concatenation](
- mid-term exam 2015-2016:
[](Type containment)
- final exam 2014-2015: [ {Copatterns}](subject)
[(Type containment](
- final exam 2014-2015: [(subject]( {Copatterns})
- mid-term exam 2014-2015:
[](Information flow)
[(Information flow](
- final exam 2013-2014:
[](Operation on records)
[(Operation on records](
- mid-term exam 2013-2014:
[](Typechecking Effects)
[(Typechecking Effects](
- final exam 2012-2013:
[](Refinement types)
[(Refinement types](
- mid-term exam 2012-2013:
[](Variations on ML)
[(Variations on ML](
- final exam 2011-2012:
[](Intersection types)
[(Intersection types](
- mid-term exam 2011-2012:
- final exam 2010-2011:
[](Compiling a language with subtyping)
[(Compiling a language with subtyping](
- mid-term exam 2010-2011:
of polymorphic records)
of polymorphic records](
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