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Expose the mid-term exam topic and its solution.

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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ We have posted the following proposals:
advised by Didier Rémy (Inria, Paris).
* [MLF type inference and
advised by Didier Rémy (Inria, Paris).
Please, do not hesitate to talk to us during the break or
......@@ -195,10 +195,14 @@ Only course notes and hand-written notes are allowed for the exams.
Although the course has changed, you may still have a look at previous exams
available with solutions:
- mid-term exam 2019-2020:
[A type system for information flow control](exams/partiel-2019-2020.pdf).
- final exam 2018-2019:
(not available)
- mid-term exam 2018-2019:
[A simple object encoding](
[A simple object encoding](exams/partiel-2018-2019.pdf).
- final exam 2017-2018:
[Static differentiation](exams/final-2017-2018.pdf)
[Static differentiation](exams/final-2017-2018.pdf).
- mid-term exam 2017-2018:
[Encoding call-by-name into call-by-value; extensible records](
([Coq solution of part 1](coq/LambdaCalculusEncodingCBNIntoCBV.v)).
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