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Previous Exams

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......@@ -82,6 +82,33 @@ We also show the limits of dependently-typed functional programming.
* Generic functional programming.
* Open problems in dependent functional programming.
## Evaluation of the course
Two written exams (a partial and a final exam) and one programming project
or several programming exercises are used to evaluate the students that
follow the full course. Only the partial exam will count to grade students
who split the course.
Although the course has changed, you may still have a look at
[](Previous exams)
available with solutions.
- mid-term exam 2016-2017: [partiel-2016-2017.pdf](Record concatenation)
- mid-term exam 2015-2016: [partiel-2015-2016.pdf](Type containment)
- final exam 2014-2015: [final-2014-2015.pdf {Copatterns}](subject)
- mid-term exam 2014-2015: [partiel-2014-2015.pdf](Information flow)
- final exam 2013-2014: [final-2013-2014.pdf](Operation on records)
- mid-term exam 2013-2014: [partiel-2013-2014.pdf](Typechecking Effects)
- final exam 2012-2013: [final-2012-2013.pdf](Refinement types)
- mid-term exam 2012-2013: [partiel-2012-2013.pdf](Variations on ML)
- final exam 2011-2012: [final-2011-2012.pdf](Intersection types)
- mid-term exam 2011-2012: [partiel-2011-2012.pdf](Parametricity)
- final exam 2010-2011:
[\home{xleroy}/mpri/2-4/exam-2010-2011.pdf](Compiling a language with subtyping)
- mid-term exam 2010-2011: [2010/partiel-2010-2011.pdf](Compilation of
polymorphic records)
## Recommended software
OCaml 4.0x and Coq **8.5**.
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