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...@@ -143,15 +143,19 @@ available with solutions: ...@@ -143,15 +143,19 @@ available with solutions:
## Recommended software ## Recommended software
OCaml 4.0x and Coq **8.5**. Please install [opam]( first.
Once you have installed [opam](, use the following commands: Then, install OCaml 4.0x and Coq **8.5** via the following commands:
```bash ```bash
opam init --comp=4.05 # for instance opam init --comp=4.05 # for instance
opam repo add coq-released opam repo add coq-released
opam update opam update
opam install -j4 -v coq.8.5.3 opam install -j4 -v coq.8.5.3
``` ```
(Do *not* install Coq 8.6. The version of AutoSubst that I am using is
not compatible with it. If for some reason you need Coq 8.6, or have
already installed Coq 8.6, note that `opam switch` can be used to let
multiple versions of Coq coexist.)
Please also install François Pottier's Please also install François Pottier's
[variant]( [variant](
...@@ -162,6 +166,25 @@ git clone ...@@ -162,6 +166,25 @@ git clone
make -C autosubst install make -C autosubst install
``` ```
In order to use Coq inside `emacs`,
is highly recommended.
Here is a suggested installation script:
rm -rf /tmp/PG
cd /tmp
git clone
cd PG
if [ ! -x $EMACS ]; then
make EMACS=$EMACS compile
sudo rm -rf $TARGET
sudo mv /tmp/PG $TARGET
## Bibliography ## Bibliography
[Types and Programming Languages](, [Types and Programming Languages](,
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