Commit 01b571ab authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Add a lambda-calculus interpreter in CPS style.

parent a8276afc
Require Import Option List MyTactics.
Require Import LambdaCalculusSyntax.
Require Import LambdaCalculusFreeVars.
Require Import LambdaCalculusBigStep.
Require Import LambdaCalculusInterpreter.
(* This is a CPS-style variant of our interpreter for the lambda-calculus.
It was contributed by Basile Pesin. *)
(* Because this interpreter is fuel-based, its answer type must be of the
form [option A]. *)
Fixpoint interpretk {A} n e t (k : cvalue -> option A) : option A :=
match n with
| 0 => None
| S n =>
match t with
| Var x =>
k (nth x e dummy_cvalue)
| Lam t =>
k (Clo t e)
| App t1 t2 =>
interpretk n e t1 (fun cv1 =>
interpretk n e t2 (fun cv2 =>
let '(Clo u1 e') := cv1 in
interpretk n (cv2 :: e') u1 k))
| Let t1 t2 =>
interpretk n e t1 (fun cv1 =>
interpretk n (cv1 :: e) t2 k)
(* The CPS-style interpreter computes the same thing as the original
interpreter. More precisely, calling the CPS-style interpreter with
a continuation [k] is the same as using the original interpreter
and passing its result (extracted out of the option monad) to [k]. *)
Lemma interpretk_interpret:
forall {A} n e t (k : cvalue -> option A),
interpretk n e t k =
(interpret n e t) >>= k.
induction n; intros; simpl.
(* No fuel. *)
{ reflexivity. }
(* Some fuel. *)
destruct t; simpl.
(* Var. *)
{ auto. }
(* Lam. *)
{ auto. }
(* App. *)
{ rewrite IHn by auto.
destruct (interpret n e t1); auto. simpl.
rewrite IHn by auto.
destruct (interpret n e t2); auto. simpl.
destruct c. auto. }
(* Let. *)
{ rewrite IHn by auto.
destruct (interpret n e t); auto. simpl.
auto. }
(* The above statement can be specialized to the identity continuation. *)
Lemma interpretk_interpret_identity:
forall n e t,
interpretk n e t (fun x => Some x) =
interpret n e t.
intros n e t.
rewrite interpretk_interpret.
destruct (interpret n e t); reflexivity.
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