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Commit c0c83a49 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Add a demo of equational reasoning in Coq.

parent 8d78692d
Require Import List.
Section Demo.
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
Variables A B : Type.
Variable p : B -> bool.
Variable f : A -> B.
(* The composition of [filter] and [map] can be computed by the specialized
function [filter_map]. *)
Fixpoint filter_map xs :=
match xs with
| nil =>
| cons x xs =>
let y := f x in
if p y then y :: filter_map xs else filter_map xs
Lemma filter_map_spec:
forall xs,
filter p (map f xs) = filter_map xs.
induction xs as [| x xs ]; simpl.
{ reflexivity. }
{ rewrite IHxs. reflexivity. }
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* [filter] and [map] commute in a certain sense. *)
Variable q : A -> bool.
Lemma filter_map_commute:
(forall x, p (f x) = q x) ->
forall xs,
filter p (map f xs) = map f (filter q xs).
intros h.
induction xs as [| x xs ]; simpl; intros.
(* Case: [nil]. *)
{ reflexivity. }
(* Case: [x :: xs]. *)
{ rewrite h.
rewrite IHxs.
(* Case analysis: [q x] is either true or false.
In either case, the result is immediate. *)
destruct (q x); reflexivity. }
(* In a slightly stronger version of the lemma, the equality [p (f x) = q x]
needs to be proved only under the hypothesis that [x] is an element of the
list [xs]. *)
Lemma filter_map_commute_stronger:
forall xs,
(forall x, In x xs -> p (f x) = q x) ->
filter p (map f xs) = map f (filter q xs).
induction xs as [| x xs ]; simpl; intro h.
{ reflexivity. }
{ (* The proof is the same as above, except the two rewriting steps have
side conditions, which are immediately proved by [eauto]. *)
rewrite h by eauto.
rewrite IHxs by eauto.
destruct (q x); reflexivity. }
End Demo.
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