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......@@ -64,8 +64,15 @@ We also show the limits of dependently-typed functional programming.
### Functional Programming: Under the Hood
* (22/09/2017) From a small-step operational semantics...
* (29/09/2017) ... to an efficient interpreter. (2 weeks.)
* (22/09/2017)
Introduction ([slides 00](slides/fpottier-00.pdf)).
Syntax and operational semantics, on paper and on a machine
([slides 01a](slides/fpottier-01a.pdf))
([slides 01b](slides/fpottier-01b.pdf))
([Coq demo](coq/DemoSyntaxReduction.v)).
* (29/09/2017)
From a small-step semantics down to an efficient interpreter,
in several stages.
* (06/10/2017) Compiling away first-class functions: closure conversion, defunctionalization.
* (13/10/2017) Compiling away the call stack: the CPS transformation.
* (20/10/2017) Equational reasoning and program optimizations.
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