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......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ The deadline is **Friday, February 16, 2018**.
* [Dependent functional programming](slides/pedagand-02.pdf) ([Source](agda/02-dependent/Indexed.lagda.rst), [McCompiler.v](coq/McCompiler.v)).
* [Total functional programming](slides/pedagand-03.pdf) ([Source](agda/03-total/Recursion.lagda.rst)).
* [Generic functional programming](slides/pedagand-04.pdf) ([Source](agda/04-generic/Desc.lagda.rst)).
* Open problems in dependent functional programming.
* [Open problems in dependent functional programming](slides/pedagand-05.pdf) ([Source](agda/05-open/Problems.lagda.rst)).
## Evaluation of the course
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