Commit f07a2835 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

New functions [drop] and [get].

parent 05faa567
......@@ -823,4 +823,22 @@ module Make (T : TABLE) = struct
let input_needed (env : 'a env) : 'a checkpoint =
InputNeeded env
(* The following functions are compositions of [top] and [pop]. *)
let rec drop i env =
if i = 0 then
Some env
else match pop env with
| None ->
| Some env ->
drop (i - 1) env
let get i env =
match drop i env with
| None ->
| Some env ->
top env
......@@ -267,6 +267,19 @@ module type INCREMENTAL_ENGINE = sig
val top: 'a env -> element option
(* [drop i env] pops [i] cells off the automaton's stack. This is done by
invoking [pop] [i] times in succession. Thus, [drop 1] is [pop]. The
index [i] must be nonnegative. The time complexity is O(i). *)
val drop: int -> 'a env -> 'a env option
(* [get i env] returns the parser's [i]-th stack cell. The index [i] is
0-based: thus, [get 0] is [top]. If [i] is greater than or equal to the
number of elements in the stack, [None] is returned. The time complexity
is O(i). *)
val get: int -> 'a env -> element option
(* [error_state checkpoint] requires [checkpoint] to be of the form
[HandlingError env]. Out of [env], it extracts the automaton's current
state, and returns this state, as an integer number. (This works even if
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