Commit d1d7ca22 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

PartialGrammar: when a %type or %on_error_reduce declaration mentions

a parameterized symbol, make sure that the arguments refer to well-defined
parent a7510cab
File "on-error-reduce-nonexistent-argument.mly", line 3, characters 24-27:
Error: foo is undefined.
%token A B C
%start<unit> main
%on_error_reduce phrase(foo)
A phrase(B) C {}
X* {}
......@@ -589,24 +589,35 @@ let check_parameterized_grammar_is_well_defined grammar =
"the type of the start symbol %s is unspecified." nonterminal;
) grammar.p_start_symbols;
(* Every %type definition has, at its head, a nonterminal symbol. *)
(* Every %type definition refers to well-defined (terminal or nonterminal)
symbols and has, at its head, a nonterminal symbol. *)
(* Same check for %on_error_reduce definitions. *)
(* Apparently we do not check the parameters at this point. Maybe this is
done later, or not at all. *)
let check (kind : string) (ps : Syntax.parameter list) =
List.iter (fun p ->
let (head_symb, _) = Parameters.unapp p in
if not (StringMap.mem (value head_symb) grammar.p_rules) then
Error.error [Parameters.position p]
let reserved = [ "error" ] in
let rec check (kind : string) (must_be_nonterminal : bool) (p : Syntax.parameter) =
(* Destructure head and arguments. *)
let head, ps = Parameters.unapp p in
let head = value head in
(* Check if [head] is a nonterminal or terminal symbol. *)
let is_nonterminal = StringMap.mem head grammar.p_rules
and is_terminal = StringMap.mem head grammar.p_tokens || List.mem head reserved in
(* If [head] is not satisfactory, error. *)
if (must_be_nonterminal && not is_nonterminal) then
Error.error [Parameters.position p]
"this should be a nonterminal symbol.\n\
%s declarations are applicable only to nonterminal symbols." kind
) ps
%s declarations are applicable only to nonterminal symbols." kind;
if not (is_terminal || is_nonterminal) then
Error.error [Parameters.position p]
"%s is undefined." head;
(* Then, check the arguments. *)
List.iter (check kind false) ps
check "%type" ( fst grammar.p_types);
check "%on_error_reduce" ( fst grammar.p_on_error_reduce);
List.iter (check "%type" true) ( fst grammar.p_types);
List.iter (check "%on_error_reduce" true) ( fst grammar.p_on_error_reduce);
(* Every reference to a symbol is well defined. *)
let reserved = [ "error" ] in
let used_tokens = ref StringSet.empty in
let mark_token_as_used token =
used_tokens := StringSet.add token !used_tokens
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